Tuesday, August 11, 2015

A Pleasant Surprise

my set up
The 8th and 9th of August found me in Lincoln, Montana, on the west side of the Divide about 50 miles from Helena, with my traditional photography, photo art, and digital art. This was the third annual Lincoln Arts in the Park, held at Hooper State Park, right off highway 200. A nice facility, with a pavilion at the center where musicians gave a concert on Saturday evening. An artist colleague, Judy Johnson who lives in Lincoln, had encouraged me to participate in the show, but this was the first year I got there. 
This was also the first show where I displayed my digital sculptures. The response was encouraging; the public liked them, other artist who stopped by gave compliments, and I sold a few, too. 

But a surprise really made my weekend. A reporter from the local paper came by, interviewing participants and I explained my work "And I also write the books," I said, indicating the back table. 

She walked over and her eyes widened. She looked at me. "You wrote that book?" she exclaimed, pointing at a copy of Spotted Flower and the Ponokomita.
cover of first edition
I said yes, and she gushed, "I read that when I was a little girl!"

 "A hard back with a blue cover?" I asked.

 "Yes! I still have it." She was all smiles and exuded happiness.  

I was all smiles, too, to think that someone had read that first edition (published in 1978) as a child and remembered it so clearly. I told her this was the second printing of the second edition; she bought a copy to give to a friend’s daughter, which I happily signed. With all the things that could have happened in Lincoln, that was certainly an unexpected pleasure.


Madeena said... What a wonderful unexpected happening! There's nothing better than hearing from someone who liked something you made. (August 11, 2015)

Kae said... So true, Madeena. I am still smiling about it! (August 15, 2015)

August Storm Pictures

Heavy storms came through western Montana on the evening of 14 August. The Helena area received a steady barrage of rain and lightning. From my place, up on the North Hills, I watched it roll by before it finally swung north of town and gave our area a needed drenching.

With my camera (Nikon 610), movie making is rather easy. I can also save individual frames as still pictures; that's where these are from. I did, however, forget to turn off the sound :-/. If you watch this, you should cut the sound unless you want to hear mumbled commentary from the Rogers Cup match I had on TV.
Unfortunately, the lightning sparked new forest fires and made existing fires harder to control. With persistent winds from the west, this morning found the valley under heavy haze. That probably won't go away for a while, with fires burning in western Montana, Idaho and Oregon.

I hope my friends and colleagues throughout the region are safe from these August storms.