Monday, September 21, 2015

Alarmist Response not Appreciated

Research is high on my list of fun things to do. I flit around the Internet, take notes, order books through IL at my library. On an Internet trip a few days ago I clicked into a site and, Bam!, Firefox immediately closed the page. By the time I blinked, my AntiVirus popped up saying it had blocked an intrusion, and then...A large popup from Microsoft declared (These aren't the exact words, but something close) "Your computer has been infected. All your files are compromised! Click here to get an immediate cleanup."

 ka-THUMP goes me ol' ticker, but I didn't click the Microsoft buttons. I ran a full scan with antivirus, and it found no unresolved issues. Yes, there had been attempts, but they were neatly taken care of with the software I had in place. That alarmist response from Microsoft, along with other frustrating things from that company, has me thinking again about changing my OS.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Other Muse

This past weekend, I set up my art and book display at the Big Sky Draft Horse Expo. Most of the vendors were in the lower area under the bleachers, myself included. I've been doing this show since 2010—always invigorating. Although the grassy settings of the summer shows were replaced with concrete and a ceiling, I didn't have to contend with the wind, which had occasions of briskness on both days.

Draft teams were in from several surrounding states as weell as Montana. While the audience watched the classes, the vendor area had few visitors, so I utilized the time to take pictures of the activities. I took LOTS of pictures--nearly 400 pictures! Taking lots of pictures is a luxury allowed with digital cameras. I used to go to horse shows and marshal the number of photos I took, being restricted by cost and how much film I had. Now--the limits are lifted. I really like the mules. My friend Kayo had a nearby space; she is also a photographer (and writer) and we alternated ins and outs and had the help of other friends to watch our spaces. I enjoy my photography work--my other muse. Getting all these images sorted offers a nice diversion from my writing. Switching between the two endeavors usually keeps me feeling invigorated. Hopefully that will translate to more industry and good results. Whatever. Always a fun weekend.