Thursday, April 28, 2016

New Photo Product for Kae C's Images

The Downtown Helena Art Walk is only two weeks away. I wanted something different to present that also had a good sales potential. People are walking and talking along the street, in and out of shops, and most don't want a framed art piece to haul around. Something easily packed away, non-breakable, that represents my art work—that's what I needed.

The picture above is one of ten I used to create fifty postcards—five of each image. This is a new photo product for me. I had thought of postcards at other times, but couldn't find a company I wanted to work with. Now I have. MOO has been in the online stationery business since 2006, but I just learned about them. The site promises a lot, with the unique feature allowing clients to upload ten different images for one product.

I gave them a try; I held off talking about it until I received my order. It arrived yesterday (ahead of their predicted schedule) neatly packaged, and the cards are really nice. A heavy card stock, my ten images in good reproduction, and at a reasonable price.

I'm anticipating a good response from Art Walk goers.

If you're interested in postcards, note cards, business cards, et cetera, here's a 10% off coupon for first time users

I think I'll do business cards next, and stop making my own (print, cut, cut, cut, cut, stack).

If you're in Helena, MT on the evening of 13 May, stop by SIGNS NOW (300 block of Last Chance Gulch) between 5pm and 9pm to see my new photo product.

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dog Park Pictures

I had a half an hour free between running errands and attending the Helena Photographic Society meeting, so I visited Paws Park. The few other times I went there, no dogs and owners were present. This afternoon I found pooches running about and having fun. My first pics were blur-art images (or whatever it's called). Doing this has always been my motive for going to the dog park. My photog colleague Dutch Bieber has developed his skills at this and recently had an exhibit in Helena's Myrna Loy Art Gallery.

I was shooting with my D7000 and a 200 - 500mm lens.
390mm f/32 1/13s ISO 100
390mm f/32 1/13s ISO 100
390mm f/32 1/13s ISO 100

I have taken other images in this style. Different techniques can produce similar results, or very diverse images. It's fun to play with. Art Prints   Art Prints

I did take regular shots at the dog park.
200mm f/18 1/800s, ISO 1250
270mm f/18 1/800s, ISO 1250

I'll visit again soon—in the evening or weekend, when people are there with their dogs!