Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May May Be Bright

Right now there's snow on the hills behind me and a rain/snow mix falling on my place. BUT it's suppose to warm and clear for this weekend. Just in time!

The Downtown Helena Fall Art Walk is on 13 May, and I'll be at SIGNS NOW and hope for sales, especially on the postcards I recently had produced. These are the images I used for the postcards--five of each. It will be interesting to see the interest and image preference.

The rest of the month I will be getting out with my cameras for pictures. I should get to Half Circle Ranch while some of the great Piedmontesse cows are still calving. Trips to Great Fall, Livingston, and Bozeman are good possibilities, too, weather and health permitting. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Ups Downs and Ups

April started well with the Spring Civic Center show and good contacts and sales, including the large on-metal digital flower. That gave me a positive outlook. But I was still beleaguered by the health issues; I cowgirled up and got through it, but had to take another cycle of an antibiotic prescription. Well, one round every six months isn't too bad. Hopefully this will be the last.

Two positives were the notifications that I was accepted into the juried art shows I'd applied to. The first is the Depot Festival of Arts in Livingston, Montana, July 2–4. The second juried show is Art in the Park, in Lincoln, Montana on 13-14 August.

I wish I'd been more productive in April (I played more than 1300 games of Free Cell while I waited for creativity to override physical discomfort), but the last week I was full of energy and ideas.
That week also provided a sale through Genesis Gallery and Frame Shop. Someone visited the gallery when it was closed, looked through the window and saw my "Horse Herd 2." She called the gallery owner and bought the framed piece the next day. Maybe that's the start of some Ups for May.