Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Nashville Trip - Art

Okay. Dale Chihuly has branded himself (maybe he didn't do it, but the results are the same) to the point where it's almost obscene. (Ha! I should have this type of visibility.) But it couldn't happen if his art work--he is a primo maestro in working with glass--wasn't so fantastic. (Would that I could be so revered as a writer!).

There are books about and by him, art kits for kids, the usual assortment of gift cards and posters found in gift shops, and on and on.
In Seattle (his home base) people can attend his facility and see the work created. If you're familiar with his work, you know it's a BIG operation.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Nashville Trip - Writers Group

Last week I flew to Nashville, Tennessee where, among other things, I attended the Southern Festival of Books (SFB) and touched base with long-time friends from the Nashville Writers Alliance (NWA)--a group of which I was a founding member back in 1978.

I admit, I didn't want to go. I'm not big on reunions and flashbacks. I'm in touch with most of these people by way of eMail and FaceBook. I use the phone sometimes, too. :-)

My good friend here in Montana really pushed me to do it, and once in Tennessee, my daughter continued the push. I don't think they conspired, but their insistence got me down to Legislative Plaza on Saturday. It was filled with tents of book publishers, writing organizations and many many visitors. Two NWA members, Michael Sims and Martha Whitmore Hickman, had presentations at the Festival, and SFB scheduled panel time for NWA, where past and present members told about how the group was formed, what we've done then and now. A lot of reminiscing.

 That evening we had an NWA reunion party at the house of one of the founding members. The group continues yet today--getting together every Tuesday night to critique each others' work. I enjoyed meeting the people who had joined since I moved away from TN in 1998. I also miss that type of honest professionalism and the camaraderie. NWA was--IS--a special part of my life.