Blood and Bond

Adult, Contemporary Novel of the West

Kindle and Nook  

Eddie CloudRunner, rancher and teacher in a small Wyoming community, is bothered by hallucinations that seem to parallel the area's sudden environmental problems. His discomfort increases after a call from local businessman, Pete Waldham. Pete wants Eddie to save the Waldham family from a Shoshoni Indian curse that he believes was brought on by illegal hunting in the legendary Spirit Canyon. Eddie witnessed the trespass twenty-eight years before, yet he dismisses the man as paranoid. Then Beth Hardemann, Sean Waldham and Martin Bradley, each related to a member of the old hunting party, arrive and spark disasters and revelations. Eddie finally accepts his long-denied spiritual identity and the different reality from what others call objective. While he delves into the mysticism, the capricious Rocky Mountain environment confounds the situation with harsh and unseasonable weather.

read an excerpt at the BB web page Here's a recent review.

Lost News: Short Stories and Long Poems

What does a news headline tell us? So many stories could have created that bold black at the top of the column—even some that aren’t in the article. LOST NEWS contains short stories and poetic fiction that could be sidebars to newspaper headlines. With contemporary settings, both urban and rural, this collection gives a behind-the-scenes look at everyday events. 13,000 words, 4 poems, 6 stories

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