Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Photos 2

No repeat of the heavy snowfall that hit in early December. Then Helena proper had 14+ inches; only about six up where I am. Probably because of the wind that was whipping through with gusts of 35mph and more. We have had frozen fog--a usual occurrence in December. I can't resist taking pictures, although I have many in my files from years past.
Lots of animal tracks. Critters that probably make late night or early morning treks all year long, leave their trails in the snow. I know I have rabbits and hares around my place all year; pronghorn from March through October, the neighbors cats prowling for mice.
Snowshoe hare tracks
But winter shows more. These canine tracks don't seem to be a dog, and with the swish center between paw prints, I assuming they are from a fox. It doesn't seem to be after the hares or rabbits--just passing through.
This trodden path is from repeated treks by hares. The path comes down a long hill, through my front yard, around the house and continues on toward the north fence.
hare/rabbit run
Little thing, big thing. Dunno what, but I like the artsy pattern.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

More Winter Photos

It always pays for me to glance out of the window on occasion. I was about to start vacuuming, but outside I saw...
It's nice to take winter photos without leaving the house. :-)
Tracks from these critters are on Another winter photos page.